3 Reasons Why you should be using Video in your Real Estate Business

3 Reasons Why you should be using Video in your Real Estate Business

Making videos today isn’t the same as when your father was making home videos.  Gone are the big bulky video cameras which needed a video tape cassette or a CD disk.  Today, anyone who owns a cell phone can take a video.  Editing is also much simpler with the use of video editing apps. 

Hubspot reports “90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process.” 

Therefore, you real estate brand marketing plan needs to include video.  Here are a few ways you can add video content to your business.

Video Email

The real estate business is relational, and agents need to find ways to foster relationships with their clients.  Communicating with your clients through video is a great way to be sure your message is communicated the way you intended.  Sending video emails puts you in your client’s inbox.  Bombbomb is a software program that is highly effective in allowing agents to send video emails through their email program or through the app on their phone.

Listing Videos

Adding videos of your listed property allows a perspective buyer to get a better feel for the property.  It is helpful for a buyer to determine room locations.  Aerial drone video is very beneficial for viewing the listing site and location within a neighborhood.  Producing a professional looking video is easy when you invest in a good video editing program or app, such as iMovie.

Market Update Videos

Another great way to implement video into your business is with market update videos.  You have the option to send these videos via email and you can upload them to your social media pages.  Using video to update your client on the current market conditions is one of the best ways to educate your clients and display your expertise. 

Don’t be shy….your videos don’t have to be perfect. In fact, being a bit imperfect is what personalizes the video.  So, go ahead and get started creating videos.   

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