3 Reasons Why you should be using Video in your Real Estate Business

Making videos today isn’t the same as when your father was making home videos. Gone are the big bulky video cameras which needed a video tape cassette or a CD disk. Today, anyone who owns a cell phone can take a video. Editing is also much simpler with the use of video editing apps.

What is CAC? A Guide to Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

When making marketing decisions, it is important to consider metrics. Metrics are used to tell marketers about a company’s performance, how their marketing efforts are performing, and what their marketing dollars are producing in terms of revenue or new customers. One of the most important metrics for marketers to monitor is the CAC, or Customer […]

Digital Demand Generation Tools: Marketing for the future

Digital Demand Generation Tools

Digital Demand Generation Tools: Marketing for the future Demand Generation is the focus of targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a company’s products and/or services. In other words, demand generation is any marketing activity that creates awareness for your product, your brand, your company, and your industry. In recent years, the power […]


Make Your Real Estate Personal Brand a reality

Real estate and marketing go hand-in-hand. As a realtor, you are constantly marketing yourself and your services to find potential clients. You’re marketing your client’s properties to potential buyers. You’re marketing your community to potential buyers by selling a lifestyle. Regardless of the situation, as a realtor, you are always marketing, but one of your […]

The 4P’s as they pertain to the real estate industry and how the marketing mix can improve the success of your home sales!

The 4 P’s as they pertain to the real estate industry

Recently I read an interesting article on LinkedIn written by Dr. Anthony Miyazaki,  Executive Director of Marketing & Analytics for Florida International University, titled “The Distribution Approach to Marketing Exchange.” If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Miyazaki, I encourage you to check out his YouTube Channel here and subscribe to his weekly #MarketingMinute updates for […]