Why Influencer Marketing Is Effective

Why Influencer Marketing Is Effective

Marketers have more tools than ever to reach customers and drive conversions. But, with social media becoming more integrated with our lives, influencer marketing has become a more popular way of accomplishing this.  With Instagram being the primary social media platform utilized by social media influencers worldwide for brand collaborations. So much so that many social media influencers have even made a career out of being social media famous. Take Kylie Jenner for example, she has utilized her social media platforms to not only launch a successful business, but the cost of a sponsored ad on Kylie’s accounts runs upwards of 1 million dollars per post.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing involves a “celebrity” spokesperson with influential consumers on social media promoting a brand. It is a form of social media marketing that links endorsements and product placements to influencers, people, and organizations with a large following and impact. Influencers range from micro-influencers, an influencer that has between a 5,000 and 25,000 follower reach. Research has shown that micro-influencers often have higher engagement than influencers with more significant followings, to celebrity influencers, an influencer that has 7,000,000+ followers.

Why Influencer Marketing Is Effective

The idea of influencer marketing is supported by social proof and the principle of consensus. People tend to do what they think others do. Therefore, they are persuaded to make a purchase when they see a social media influencer or a person who influences them using or promoting that product or service. Similarly, an influencer can also be a credible source of authority. If an influencer is perceived as an expert or credible authority in a specific industry, a consumer may be persuaded to purchase the product promoted by this influencer rather than a competing product. This is because the influencer is perceived as credible and is also providing consensus.

Influencer marketing uses promotional tactics known the reach consumers on the platforms of their choice by delivering messages through influencers these consumers follow and look up to. Consumers trust their peers, friends, and people they admire more than they trust the message being delivered by the company. Influencer marketing helps brands achieve their campaign goals and is usually measured by the consumer entering a code at checkout or by how many times a link specifically promoted by that influencer is accessed.

A brand needs to develop long-term relationships with influencers to help build credibility to be seen as trusted by an influencer. Often, consumers will disregard advertisements or promotions when they feel the influencer is only promoting it for the money and does not actually use this product. Creating long-term relationships shows consumers that the influencer trusts the product.

To get started on an influencer marketing campaign, you can reach out to some of your industry’s influencers or reach out to micro-influencers who already use and enjoy your product. Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and has the potential to enhance brand awareness and generate revenue.

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